Bulletin Board Advertisements

Any business can support community programming in Braintree by getting your company’s message on our community bulletin board. For $80 a month or $25 a week you can you’re your own page running everyday on our public or government channels, whichever you choose. Your page will be seen approximately fifty times a day and stays on for 25 seconds. That message can have your company name and logo along with your contact information and specific message that you want the 13,000 cable customers in Braintree to see.  There really is no more cost effective way to reach so many people in Braintree.


Program Sponsorships

A local sporting goods store might support BCAM TV coverage of BHS boys and girls basketball. In return for a monetary contribution towards the production costs the business would receive a 30 second video spot that can include a photo of the business, contact information a voice over and music. These spots will run at the beginning, during game breaks and at the end of the productions.


BCAM is a non-commercial television station which means we can't play traditional commercials with a call-to-action but we can accept underwriters in much the same way that public television does.


All of our programming is seen in all 13,000 cable homes in Braintree regardless of who the cable provider is.


For more information please contact Wes Rea 781-848-1831 or wesrea@bcam.tv

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