July 28, 2016

I am drafting this blog on the eve of a VERY big show with Johnny Drama & His Funky Entourage.  This is another “role” in my very blessed life which allows me to return to my childhood dream of singing.  I am sharing tonight because it has just occurred to me that so many of the things that I wanted to “be when I grow up” are happening in my life right now.

Cooking for people I love has always made me very happy and has given me great fulfillment.  This summer has allowed me an opportunity to cook for my daughter and the cast of “A Chorus Line” at Priscilla Beach Theatre.  I have also baked many “treats” for my band.  Being around artists is very enlightening and extremely inspiring.   Food brings us all together.

Tonight I am just feeling extremely grateful for BCAM-TV ~ for Wes Rea who encouraged me to create “Heaven’s Kitchen” ~ for Gerry Commock who trained me and spend MANY hours helping me edit my show and for Genevieve Bregoli who is the Master of social media who has supported my show and my band.

Cooking for all the beautiful people in my life has been so rewarding.   My goal with Heaven’s Kitchen is to bring local community television into the homes of folks who may need a little “boost” to cook – for themselves, for their families and for the people they love.  I want my audience to watch the show and say “hey, I can do that!”  I hope you will get in touch and let me know how I can inspire you to get into the kitchen and make the people you love happy!

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